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Life is ...

This is the story about milon - why we do what we do and what we care about - as a company and as an industry market leader, as a partner for our customers and their trainers. In the end for every single human being who trains on milon.

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milon Kongress 2014

milon Congress 2014

„WE CARE ABOUT YOU – that is the most important thing we want you to take away from these two unforgettable days in Berlin,” said milon industries GmbH CEO, Richard Hauser, summing up the milon congress.

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Training has many aspects. Whether you want to train strength, endurance, agility or coordination, with milon you always achieve your goals with consideration of our simple, safe and effective training principle.

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The milon Strength-Endurance-Circuit


The milon Strength-Endurance Circuit is THE heart of the milon training principle. Only 17.5 minutes - one round of the circuit – gives you balanced total body training that cannot be surpassed for simplicity, safety, and effectiveness. read more »

milon CARE

Although it is only one first step for milon, it is a quantum leap for training control, quality of care and studio management efficiency. We are talking about milon CARE – a software solution that sets new standards. read more »



milon First milon studio in Paris now open July 15, 2014 - Since Monday (July 7, 2014), “Bienvenue à milon” has been ringing in the air at Cap Detente in Paris. The first milon fitness club is now open to fitness junkies in the French capital, just a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower. [...more]



Winning is mind over matter Winning is mind over matter October 14, 2013 - First milon, then marathon! This fitting slogan can be applied to the successfully mastered "half marathon project for cancer patients" led by Dr. Freerk Baumann after six months of intensive preparation. [...more]



milon New structures for successful customers at milon May 5, 2014 - milon industries GmbH has expanded its consultancy division “milon Business” even further and consistently continues its development into a provider of complete systems and solutions. [...more]



milon makes students fit milon makes students fit October 1, 2013 - A lack of exercise and excess weight – what used to usually affect only adults is today unfortunately increasingly affecting children and young people. A frightening trend which, however, can be counteracted. [...more]


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