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milon Congress 2015

milon Congress 2015

INternational, INspiring and INnovative – the eighth milon congress was a real “IN-event” from every perspective. Around 500 guests from all over the world took up their invitations from the German system and equipment manufacturer and met in Hamburg from 6 to 8 March.

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The innovative system, called the milonizer, is a biometric recognition system that determines the user’s body dimensions automatically in a number of seconds. The milonizer sends the measured values to the milon CARE software and the universal milon ‘brain’ takes care of the rest.

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New milon CEO Udo Münster

milon has new "Head Coach"

milon industries GmbH has made a new appointment to its management level: Udo Münster is now the new CEO of the German training equipment manufacturer and system provider. As CEO, the 52-year-old is assuming overall responsibility for the company, alongside Stefan Pufe, who continues to be the commercial manager (CFO).

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milon Life is ...

Life is ...

This is the story about milon - why we do what we do and what we care about - as a company and as an industry market leader, as a partner for our customers and their trainers. In the end for every single human being who trains on milon.

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Training has many aspects. Whether you want to train strength, endurance, agility or coordination, with milon you always achieve your goals with consideration of our simple, safe and effective training principle.

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The milon Strength-Endurance-Circuit


The milon Strength-Endurance Circuit is THE heart of the milon training principle. Only 17.5 minutes - one round of the circuit – gives you balanced total body training that cannot be surpassed for simplicity, safety, and effectiveness. read more »

milon CARE

Although it is only one first step for milon, it is a quantum leap for training control, quality of care and studio management efficiency. We are talking about milon CARE – a software solution that sets new standards. read more »



milon milon Congress 2015 March 9, 2015 - INternational, INspiring and INnovative – the eighth milon congress was a real “IN-event” from every perspective. [...more]



milon Dream Launch for the milonizer March 2, 2015 - With the milonizer, the training equipment and system manufacturer milon has recognised the needs of gym operators and is delivering the perfect solution. [...more]



milon sets sights on global growth milon sets sights on global growth15.01.2015 - Simple, safe and effective training - now available to clients in Paris, Moscow, Seoul and Muscat. With the opening of representative facilities in these world metropolises, milon was able to successfully continue [...mehr]



milon First milon studio in Paris now open July 15, 2014 - Since Monday (July 7, 2014), “Bienvenue à milon” has been ringing in the air at Cap Detente in Paris. The first milon fitness club is now open to fitness junkies in the French capital, just a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower. [...more]


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