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Brilliantly Digital

Although it is only one first step for milon, it is a quantum leap for training control, quality of care and studio management efficiency. We are talking about milon CARE – a software solution that sets new standards.

Fantastic Control Features

One of the central tasks of the new CARE is controlling all milon equipment. With its strikingly attractive screen design, the software ensures optimal reading comfort and extremely user-friendly handling. The equipment is connected to the CARE server via a network.

A Declaration of Independence

CARE works on all web-enabled equipment, since CARE is a cross-platform browser application. All you need is a DSL connection and a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. That’s it.

Synchronized Training

milon CARE sets the pace: the software controls all the equipment in the circuit as well as the light column or milon tower – and synchronizes all training sequences.


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The advantages

for users:

Fast, automatic equipment settings

 Detailed progress monitoring and training analysis

 Storage of individual training plans

 Capability to exchange performance data

The advantages

for trainers and operators:

Training plans that are easy to understand and control

 Training documentation in previously unheard of detail

 Guaranteed high quality of support

 More efficient studio management with more exact intensity planning and improved work processes

Comprehensive Overview

milon Dashboard

This is where it all comes together – on the dashboard, the new main screen for trainers. It shows at a glance who is currently training on which milon unit. Live and in real time! A simple traffic light system shows the trainer if someone is in need of support or advice and immediately prepares all relevant information in the background. For example:

 customer is new to the circuit

 has not trained for a long time

 is not increasing weights

 is not training correctly

 is celebrating a birthday

 training plan is expiring

 new checkup date coming up


Quality through Quantity

CARE also checks equipment status every 250 milliseconds, thus providing a previously unheard-of depth of detail. CARE evaluates the data in real time and provides a clear, graphic presentation. CARE records the following parameters, among others, in the process:

 pulse curve

 weight being moved

 each repetition including elaboration of movement and speed

 number of revolutions for cardio equipment

Qualität durch Quantität


More Information

Anyone operating a training or health facility knows: nothing beats addressing customers personally! milon CARE helps you and your team respond to each trainee on an even more individual basis. The CARE customer screen provides the trainer a quick overview of the most important basic information:

Mehr Wissen

 name and photo

 main training objective

 responsible trainer (mentor system)

 last workout in the circuit

 regularity of visits

 progress in the current training plan

 important personal customer characteristics
(e.g. physical impairments)


In the thick of it

Mittendrin statt nur Dabei

The trainer can access all important information on the training area directly via tablet and discuss this with the trainees immediately and on the spot. An important element here is the personalized milon wristband by means of which CARE can automatically identify the trainer on the equipment in the future.

Facilitates Communication

Welcome your members at the customer terminal, for example, with a personal message or with general news about your facility. You can customize their messages easily and conveniently using images and text, and then have them displayed on the milon tower in the circuit. CARE makes it possible!

Comparison of performance

All the data that the system collects on the secured milon servers are evaluated anonymously. This enables CARE to provide you with comparison values from control groups in the future, based on the circuit as well as individual exercises and equipment. Right through to benchmark comparison between studios.

Planning and Periodization

Planung und Periodisierung

With CARE, training begins with a dynamic strength measurement. The optimal training weights for the respective circuit are proposed by the system on this basis. The trainer plans the current training phase for the next 8-24 visits. A performance check is due when this period expires. CARE helps determine whether trainees have stuck to their targets. Only after the successful completion of the current phase does the trainer set up the next targets.

Actions and Motivation

The analysis functions of CARE enable competitive actions to be held among all milon members and milon facilities. Catchword: “We are looking for the fittest milon studio.” Valuable advantages for increasing customer motivation and for managing your facility.

Good idea

CARE is also simplifying the initial setup of milon premium equipment for new members in the future. To do so, CARE is using the average values of its collected data relating to age, sex and body size in order to provide an up to 95% accurate pre-setting for seat and handle parameters.



milon Training Principle

milon Training Principle

Training has many faces. Whether for strength, endurance, agility, or coordination, the same basic rule always applies for milon: SIMPLE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

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We are happy to help. Share your concerns with us through the online contact form or by phone. Our customer service is happy to provide you with further assistance.

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