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This representation maps each training device to a particular muscle group. This depends on which main muscle it has trained.

By arranging the milon circle in this manner, it only takes 17.5 minutes for the same machine to be reused. Consequently, it takes 17.5 minutes for a particular joint to be subjected to the same loads and stresses again. This could be called an “active break” for the respective joint and muscle structures. If these are only loaded again after an “active break”, they become more powerful. Therefore you can achieve more in the milon circle with the same effort! Anyone who begins their circuit can go around the milon Circle without interruption. This is very important for the quality of the training and saves a lot of time. In the Strength and Endurance circuit, all of the large muscle groups are trained, which at the same time also forms protection for the spinal column.

In order to synchronize your account, we use a QR code. You have to scan this with the QR code scanner integrated in the milon ME App in the fitness studio at the customer terminal. That’s why we need access to your camera.

In order to synchronize your account, we use a QR code, which you have to scan with the milon ME app in the fitness studio at the customer terminal. That’s why we need access to your camera.

For the top 100 placements, only the training data that was obtained in the current month on training devices of the milon premium or Q series are relevant. Therefore, there may be several reasons why no values are displayed in the top 100 ranking:

1. You have not trained in the current month
2. You have not trained in the current month with milon Premium or Q training devices

If neither of the two causes is true, you might not have made it into the Top 100. In that case, only one thing helps: Train more 🙂

“For the personal statistics, only the training data obtained during the current month on milon training devices is relevant, so there could be several reasons why there are no values:

1. You have not trained in the current month
2. You have not yet trained with milon training devices

You can skip a training unit if you have several units in your training plan.Your current unit is the one you are supposed to complete and always on the top of your training plan. If, however, you want to switch to another unit, you can skip the current unit to get to it.

Giving your emotions will help the fitness studio and coaches to help you better during your training. They can, for example, draw conclusions about how your training influences your mood and adapt the training plan accordingly. For this reason, trainers can look at the course of your feelings. However, it is not visible to other people.

Currently only the coaches and studios can see your profile. This ensures optimal support through your gym.

The milon ME app is available for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play Store. An app for Windows Phone, Blackberry or other operating systems is currently not planned.

milon ME’s statistics allow all training units to be connected to Matrix training machines from the 7xi and 7xe range. You can synchronize your training results by connecting your Matrix account with your milon Me account in your milon ME profile.

For each training unit, you will receive attendance points. Depending on your training, you will get 10 points (milon) or 3 points (all other training types). However, a maximum of 10 points can be reached per day.

In principle, only training units on milon training devices contribute to the achievements. Unless otherwise stated, these are basic, premium and Q devices. However, there are also achievments that are based on attendance only and not dependent on performance (for example all achievements of the “Welcome”, “Training Rhythm” or “Habit” groups). In these, all types of training (whether milon, matrix, FIVE or other free exercises) contribute to the achievements.

Currently, only the Polar T31, H7 and A360 models are compatible with the milon. With the T31, it is irrelevant whether the transmitter is encoded or uncoded. It should be noted that the A360 does not control our devices.

The maximum body weight of a exerciser on the milon training equipment is recommended not to exceed 150 kilograms.

The milon + app is intended for all milon operators and trainers. It provides information about the milon products, current news and important dates such as: events, seminars, workshops and webinars. The milon ME App, on the other hand is designed for those who exercise with milon training equipment. Here you can view and track your training plan, evaluate statistics on your training and read the latest news and updates.

If you mark a training session as finished, you will be taken to the next training session and your training results will be included in the statistics. But beware that individual exercises that do not take place on milon training equipment individually have to be marked as finished, as they will not be automatically saved in the statistics.

If you skipped a training unit, you will get to the next training session in your plan. Therefore, you can skip only training units if you have several training units in your plan. If you have already partially completed the training unit to be skipped, these values still flow into your statistics as these data are transmitted in real-time.

If you mark a single exercise as finished, this is stored in the system and is visible in your training diary. However, these training data are not included in the statistics on your homepage. Nevertheless, we are working on the fact that you can also evaluate data from individual exercises and not just from your training with milon.

If you have logged out of milon ME, your milon account will still exist as this is linked to your gym. If you want to register again, you have to scan the QR code again, which will be displayed at the customer terminal in the gym.

The muscles generally grow during the breaks. Between each training session you should give your body time for the regeneration – the following applies: the more intensive you have trained the longer should the break be. This follows the established principles of supercompensation. This means choosing the right relationship between workout and break. If this ratio is too large (i.e. the rest period is too short), then over-training can occur in the worst case. If it is too small (i.e. the rest period is too long), then you might have either no training effects or stagnation.

This display shows you whether you have an even distribution of trained muscles. Your workout should be as balanced as possible and appeal to a variety of muscle groups. For the calculation we use the last five training sessions on milon training devices (Basic, Q and Premium).

There are different ways to get points. Regardless of your training performance, you will receive points for your attendance. If you exercise regularly, at least every five days, you receive points for a streak on top of the points for the attendance. Moreover, there are points for special events, so-called achievements, which relate to your training activities and performance. You can find a detailed list of all the achievements and their respective points in the success section in milon ME.

“Extraordinary achievements should be rewarded, which is why particularly hard-working athletes get trophies in outstanding placings, depending on which place is reached, this is gold, silver or bronze. Since the ranking lists refer only to the current month, you have a chance every month to get back to the top. So, what are you waiting for … Go get yourself a trophy! “

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Normally it is so that the resistance on the return motion is the same as the outward – For example if I press 20 kg on the way out 20 kg will come back. The way out is always more difficult than the return journey, because on the way out we push against gravity and on the way back we work with gravity. With conventional machines this means that the muscles are fully loaded on one way (the way forward) – but on the way back it could resist more. For this reason, our devices can make the return journey more difficult by using heavier loading and thus you are able to achieve results in a shorter time. The reason is that the muscles are fully loaded in both directions of motion.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to synchronize the milon CARE training data with the Apple Health App.

Currently you can not compare your level with other athletes. If you are interested, you can send us an e-mail to info@miloncare.com. If there is greater interest, we might include an option to compare yourself with others.

The milon ME app is available for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play Store. An app for Windows Phone, Blackberry or other operating systems is currently not planned.

Milon ME is available in several languages. The language is basically determined by the language of your fitness studio. You can also use milon ME in another language. Just ask your trainer and they can change the language in your profile.

If you have more ideas for exciting achievements, just send us your suggestions to info@miloncare.com. If we like your idea, maybe we’ll do it!

If you want to register on www.milonme.com, you will find a “Forgotten password” link. Simply follow the instructions given there.

Depending on whether you have an iPhone or the Android operating system, the subsequent release works differently. For this you will have to look for the version of your operating system, to find out how to administer the permissions of your apps.

Your QR code could have changed because you changed your password for www.milonme.com. The QR code and password are linked to each other, so once you change your password, you will be logged out of the milon ME app. This means that you again have to scan the QR code at the customer terminal in order to be able to log in to the app again.

As soon as you log out of the milon ME app, you have to either scan the QR code again in your gym or register via e-mail and password.

With the help of studio news, gyms can reach all members at once to share important information with them. Therefore, you can not unsubscribe, as you might miss important news.

You have noticed mistakes in milon ME? Then please send us an email to info@milonme.com and describe the error. Please be careful to describe the circumstances that led you to discover this mistake. This will make it easier for us to adjust and correct it.

Once deleted, messages can not be recovered. So you should think carefully about what messages you want to delete.

Your privacy is very important to us. You can find information on the protection of your data in our privacy policy.

The training frequency also always depends on your goals. It is to be remembered that the muscles grow only during the period between your training sessions. Between each session you should give your body sufficient time to rest and for the regenerate. Three times a week on milon is a very good, but also ambitious, approach. You should not train too little, otherwise you might stagnate or have no training progression. For these reasons, milon recommends a minimum exercise frequency of two times in ten days and an optimum of two times in seven days.

Currently there are 60 levels – for the final one you need 100,000 points. However, we might introduce further levels and additional achievements later on.

This depends entirely on how advanced you are in your workout. Our recommendation is to start with a lower eccentric load to get the muscle to work. Once you are in a more advanced training stage, an increased eccentric value of about 30 percent of the concentric load is generally acceptable. When the muscles are used to it, a further increase is possible up to approx. 50% (power sport).

If you want to specify or change the e-mail address in the gym, you must address a coach who will do it for you. In the milon ME app and at www.milonme.com you can change your e-mail address yourself in your profile.

You can not reply to this message. However, we are working to ensure that this will be possible in the future.

One can see on the display, on which device one trains. The basic variant only works with card and has a greenish display without colors. The premium version works with card or transponder and has a colored display. The Q variant works only with transponder and has a high-resolution color display. If you are unsure, ask your coach. He will be happy to help you.

You can get a streak by completing two training sessions within 5 days. However, you will only get the streak if you rest for a while after your training session because regeneration is important for your training success. Therefore, the streak will not start if train earlier than 32 hours after the last training.

The points for the streak build on each other – the longer you train in the given training rhythm (at least 32 hours break, but exercise again 5 days after the last session), the higher is your streak and therefore the points you receive.

You can not delete your account at milon ME as this is linked to your membership in your gym. However, if you end your membership, your account will also delete your account at milon ME.

Currently, only your trainers from the studio can add exercises to the training plan. If you want to change something on your training plan, you should go to your coach.

Your body takes a certain amount of time to adapt to the new workload – depending on the frequency of the training it takes about eight to twelve weeks. At this time you should stick to a training method to give the body this adjustment time. If this is done, you have to put a new stimulus again, otherwise the training effect stagnates. Please talk to your competent trainer or therapist if you are not adequately required in a system. One can always put new stimuli in the muscles of strength and endurance. For example, the load can be increased or the speed of the exercise can be varied. The transition from the strength-endurance circuit to the strength circuit is another possible form of sensible periodization. When you return to the strength-endurance circle, you will notice that your basic strength has increased. All these measures provide the body with a change to which he must react appropriately.

To use the milon ME App, you must download it from the App Store. On your next visit to the gym, log in with your (chip) card or wrist band at the terminal and go to the menu “Get the milon ME App”. Then you scan the milon ME App with your personal QR code at the terminal and you are already logged into the app. Alternatively you can log on with your e-mail address and your password, if you have this in your profile.

Currently you can analyze your progress only for your training on milon training equipment. On the one hand, you can  analyze the development of your performance on a circuit, for example the cumulated weight moved on all devices in one session. On the other hand, you can analyze the training progress of each individual exercise.

Nevertheless, we are also working on a solution how to display your training progress with exercises other than milon training.

For the personal statistics and ranking lists, only the training data obtained by milon training devices are relevant. This has a simple reason: we do not want the statistics to be distorted. During your milon training, we collect all data and then automatically transfer it to the statistics. However, with other exercises, we can not guarantee that they were performed as they should be. That is why they do not appear in these statistics. However, we are already working on a solution for how you can evaluate these exercises in milon ME.

Currently you can not see the results of surveys . However, if you are interested in the results of a particular survey, you can check with your trainer. They will gladly tell you what the survey has revealed.

You can not view other members profiles at this time.

Currently you can not track your feelings over time. But we are working on the fact that you will be able to see in the future how your feelings have developed.

You can register at www.milonme.com, if you have entered an e-mail address in your profile and have confirmed it. In the confirmation of your e-mail address, you can also assign a password, afterwards you can log in with it. If you are unsure whether you have entered an e-mail address, please check your profile.

At the moment, you can not make friends with other members on milon ME. However, we want to offer such a functionality in the future, because training together is more fun and motivating.

You can not delete studio news and surveys. Studio news will automatically be deleted after a while and polls will disappear from your message list as soon as you answer them.