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milon CARE enables optimal use of all milon components. It is the comprehensive training and support software that unites all fitness center areas in your training or therapy facility into a Connected Training System (CTS).

The entire training activity in the training area as well as defined processes in the training center can be mapped by milon CARE. CARE is used to document fitness center members, assign training plans, and make the perfect settings, in order to enable efficient, optimal customer support. Biometric measurement via the milonizer serves as the starting point. milon CARE automatically and immediately provides the measurement data and test results determined by the milonizer.

The clear presentation and intuitive operation make milon CARE an indispensable tool for managing your facility.

CARE can be used to control all equipment of the various milon series (Basic, Premium and Q) on a centralized basis. No matter whether the equipment is in a standalone installation, in a circuit, in a network with multiple circuits, or also installed in multiple fitness centers. We have the right solution for your facility

  • Device mit der neuen CARE

Technical details

  • Cloud-based software (access by any internet-capable device)
  • Safe data management (hosting server in Germany)
  • No need to enter the same data twice thanks to our modern interface technology
  • Open connection to third-party systems
  • Easy software installation, automatic free-of-charge updates, extremely stable system performance
  • Suitable for training and therapy facilities


The Coaching Zone – the centerpiece of CARE

On the display, trainers can see at a glance all fitness center members who are training. They can quickly call up all support-related information (training regime and progress, tasks, support status, training plan and equipment, and co-trainer suggestion). That information, in turn, enables them to react immediately, in order to contact fitness center members, if necessary, and to address their specific wishes and needs. This helps improve the quality of user support – ranging from individual support to standardized, across-the-board support that permits a coach to assist more fitness center members. Longer term, this generates stronger loyalty among existing customers and improves staff utilization (trainer/member ratio) At the same time, the sense of individual support between the trainer and the fitness center member remains intact, because each displayed member has characterizing icons assigned to them (detailed information about the customer, co-trainer, training regime, training circuit, training equipment, birthday).

The system also clearly displays whether there are certain messages concerning a member, such as an extended absence or the expiration of a contract. With that information, you can communicate with your members proactively. Filters can also be set, enabling you to track in real time the training participation in the respective training areas (strength-endurance circuits, strength circuits, and cardio circuits) and the allocation of trainers to members.

  • Information about the training participation of the past 30 days (average training units per
    week and total training units)
  • Training plan and current progress (level) as well as the number of training units already
    completed as a percentage of the specified number of training units.
  • Master data of the fitness center member
  • Personal messages about the member (e.g. birthday, extended absence or expiration of
  • Active support tasks for the trainer
  • Current notices concerning the member (e.g. special offers accepted or health restrictions)
  • Where needed, simple shortcuts lead to all detailed information relative to the member’s
    evaluations and co-trainer recommendations

The co-trainer is the real trainer’s virtual assistant. It supports the trainer with advice about the
specific customer’s training practices and gives recommendations for current and future training.

Open training area

Clear training planning, documentation and control are now also possible for the open training area.

Trainers can now select appropriate tasks digitally from a milon exercise pool and enter those additional exercises – along with the milon circuit – into the member’s training plan. Members, in turn, can use milon ME to view their plan on terminals, the milonizer or the app and confirm their exercises.

In addition, fitness center managers and training managers can use the Studio Configurator to
create exercises of their own and use them in the training planning (including the integration of
own images and descriptions).


  • Perspective: Efficient, comprehensive fitness center management (all CTS data in a single system)
  • Knowledge: Analysis and optimization of studio utilization
  • Customer loyalty: Higher customer satisfaction through ideal support quality
  • Control: Effective control and organization of tasks, fitness center processes and support chains


  • Understanding: Clear, high-quality training analyses, planning and monitoring in real time
  • Knowledge: Qualitative assessment of the training (for example, range-of-motion,
    heart rate, muscle balance ratio, training development, attendance)
  • Efficiency: Centralized management of individual equipment settings for all users
  • Resources: Co-trainer suggestions; the decision remains the responsibility of the trainer
  • Support: Individual training support; convenient access anywhere, anytime
  • Communication: Messages and news can be sent to specific recipients or all fitness center members


  • Freedom: Now training planning is also possible for the open training area
  • Connection: Better, proactive communication by trainers
  • Motivation: Higher support quality, more individual attention, and more effective
    support toward the achievement of training objectives