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milon ME is the new member portal – available as an app and on the terminal. It makes it even easier to view one’s own training data and results – anywhere, anytime. The customer is motivated to follow their training and make progress, both over the long term and in a sustained manner.

The integrated messaging function now makes communicating with your fitness center members even easier, faster and more effective

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    Details about the expanded milon training planning:

    • Exercise and equipment settings, such as sets, weights, repetitions, resistances, time (depending on
      the type of training)
    • Servo settings for the correct equipment adjustments
    • Exercise descriptions by text message and image/animation


  • Communicate with members even when they’re not at the gym
  • Send notifications, news, and surveys directly in just a few seconds
  • Boost member motivation thanks to rankings and succeses for strength and cardio training
  • Get direct personal feedback from trainees, which makes it possible to respond to members’ wishes and ideas right away


  • Obtain information on their own training and the individual exercises
  • Keep an eye on training statistics at all times (for milon equipment and now for non-milon exercises, too)
  • Monthly overview of completed training units and exercises
    (weight moved, number of movements, and calorie count achieved)
  • Transparent training progress (Displays the resistance and calories burned; Average values for each week and month)
  • Evaluation of training priorities according to muscle groups and balances 
  • Reward for successes with milon ME achievements (points for each training unit increase the level of experience; Awards for special successes can be shared via social media)
  • Comparison with other gym members (global age group comparison, also divided by gender)
  • Direct personal feedback