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    milon Q free

    Your free training area, perfectly networked. Q free is the solution for your free training area that offers all the advantages of electronic equipment.

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    milon ME

    milon ME is the new member portal – available as an app and on the terminal. It makes it even easier to view one’s own training data and results – anywhere, anytime.

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    milonizer 3.0

    With its innovative, biometric marker-based scanning system, the milonizer measures the body of each user in a matter of seconds.

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Over 2,600 gyms and health facilities around the world already rely on milon.
Million of people in 26 countries train on milon circuits – and the number is increasing every day. Why? Because we do not see ourselves just as exporters of machines but also as a partner offering tailored solutions to your challanges on site.


Welcome to the world of milon



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    milon products

Millions of people are already having fun and achieving success while training on milon circuit equipment in fitness studios, physical therapy centers, hotels, and sports clubs around the world.

Over the years, we’ve taken a targeted approach to expanding our range. The various equipment in our three main series now covers a broad spectrum of training requirements. Thanks to an innovative scanning system based on biometric markers, the milonizer measures each user’s body in a matter of seconds. All the milon equipment in your facility is then preset for the respective user in a few moments. In addition to new equipment, milon offers pre-owned machines to those who are interested. These nearly-new secondhand products open the door to the world of milon.

  • milon circuit

    Our equipment doesn’t operate with weights, but rather with electronic resistances. The advantage of this is that the load can be adjusted as the user moves. This makes training even more effective.

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  • milonizer

    Thanks to an innovative scanning system based on biometric markers, the milonizer measures each user’s body in a matter of seconds. All the milon equipment in your facility or fitness studio is then preset for the member’s precise body dimensions in a few moments.

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  • milon Q

    With milon Q, we are revolutionizing electronically controlled training. Elegant design, simple operation, completely new technologies, intuitive navigation and fun motivation – Q is all of that.

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milon Q circuit

Never before has digital training been so intelligent: together with the milon CARE training control software, milon Q represents a sophisticated Connected Training System module. This pioneering combination of intelligent hardware and software enables you to reap the full benefit of CTS, strengthen your position in the market, and keep your clients coming back for more. The milon Q and Premium series can also be obtained with equipment certified according to the German Medical Devices Act.

milon worldwide

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    HEALTHHAUS – St. Helier, United Kingdom

    “The most pleasing thing is that our members are reporting amazing benefits from the eccentric training principle. That‘s why they just love using milon. We are now opening the next club and milon will remain our partner as we continue to move forward – it’s not just equipment but a concept and a solution that works for us.” – GLENDA RIVOALLAN, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR

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    JUKA DOJO SPORTCENTER – Hamburg, Germany

    “I became aware of milon in 2008 during a club tour. My facility at that time had reached its limits: with 2,300 members, it had reached its maximum capacity. I needed a new solution and I found this in milon. The milon circuit is an ideal system: we currently impress clients with regular training schedules and one-on-one supervision. The members particularly value the intensive training.” – RALF TRIERWEILER, CLUB MANAGER

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    THE WHITE RABBIT – Berne, Switzerland

    “You can’t design a tasteful centre if you don’t install equipment that does justice to the design. milon presents functionality in a timeless design. This is one reason why we chose to fully integrate milon right from the start – including the milcanic machines, equipment and weights.” – GEORG BIELMANN, CLUB MANAGER

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    MILON PREMIUM SPA & FITNESS – Seoul, South Korea

    “We got to know milon at the 2011 FIBO exhibition and have just recently opened milon Premium Spa & Fitness in September 2014. Our customers are invigorated by the new possibilities the milon training area offers. They are guided through the first rounds which enables them to familiarise themselves with the concept and the electronically-monitored machines.” – SEUNG-HUN NA, HEAD TRAINER

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    milon software

Digitization is leading to profound changes in our society, everyday lives, and business.

Training, health, and digitization belong together. This isn’t anything new for milon: Digitally controlled equipment and software-controlled training have been part of everyday life for us and our partners for many years

  • milon CARE

    milon CARE enables the best possible use of all milon components. It is the complete training and support software that combines all fitness center areas in your training or therapy facility into a Connected Training System (CTS).

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  • milon ME

    milon ME is the member portal. It’s available as an app and on the terminal, making it easier for members to view their own training data – anywhere, anytime.

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  • milon COCKPIT

    milon COCKPIT is the new, extremely user-friendly analysis tool for your training area. With simple and clearly presented parameters, this app allows you to understand your milon ecosystem better and to gear it toward more effectiveness and efficiency. milon COCKPIT will be available in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Sweden, England and Ireland.

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    business concepts

Our segment-specific concept offers tailored solutions for completely different target groups, ranging from fitness and wellness facilities, to occupational health management programs, to medical or therapeutic facilities. milon circuits are operating successfully in all these segments, in more than 26 countries around the world.

  • connected training

    Design your own Connected Training System (CTS) today. milon gives you the option to combine all information from an extremely wide range of systems into a single centralized platform in digital form.

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    milon services


Even though we offer an incredibly broad range of services, we always follow just one simple principle: We’re only satisfied when you are.


The milon marketing support, the milon equipment service and the international academy are developed from practical experience to help you with your success.

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    milon training

milon broad range of training circuits spans every need and every performance level: from health-oriented basic training, to specifically targeted strength training and intensive cardio training, to maximum strength training.

17.5 minutes to personal training success.
milon circuit training follows a logical sequence, in which each muscle group is trained consecutively.

No need to bother with settings anymore.
milon equipment adapts to each user and their individual needs – completely automatically. Just hold the transponder up to the machine, and you can get started right away. This makes your training simple, safe, and effective.


With its different circuits, milon covers the full range of training needs: from health-oriented basic training to specifically targeted strength training and intensive cardio training, to maximum strength training.

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We go the extra mile – thanks to more solutions, a closer partnership, and that extra dose of enthusiasm

At milon, we’re not satisfied with standard solutions. Because we know that those who simply keep doing what they’ve always done only achieve the same results they did in the past. That’s why we question the status quo, each and every day. When it comes to achieving more and becoming successful together, no effort is too great for us and no idea is too revolutionary.


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