Das Unternehmen - milon 4



The collaborative relationship that we maintain with our partners, customers and employees is based on trust, respect and commitment. In a cooperative and constructive exchange, we endeavor to realize potentials for all participants in order to establish long-term relationships on that basis.

We go the extra mile – more solutions and more partnerships.

At milon, we’re not satisfied with standard solutions. Because we know: anyone who only does what they’ve always done also only gets the results that they’ve always gotten. That’s why we question the status quo day in and day out. In order to achieve more and to be successful together, no road is too long for us and no idea is too new.

From Emersacker to the world over

Worldwide, more than 2,600 studios and healthcare facilities already rely on milon. In 26 countries, many people train on milon circuits – and more and more join them every day. Why? Because we don’t think of ourselves as exporters of machinery, but rather as partners with tailor-made solutions to your challenges.