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In fitness studios, physical therapy centers, hotels and sports clubs the world over, millions of people are already having fun and success while training on milon circuit equipment.

We’ve been meaningfully expanding our range for many years now. Today it covers a broad training spectrum with different machines organized into three main product series. With its innovative, biometric marker-based scanning system, the milonizer measures the body of each user in a matter of seconds. Within a few moments, all of the milon equipment in your facility is then set up for that user. Along with new equipment, milon also markets pre-owned milon machines to those interested – entry-level machines that can open the door to the milon world.

Training with a smile

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milon machines do not operate with weight plates, but rather with electrical resistances. The advantage: Electronically generated resistances can be controlled with much greater precision. In this way, different loads can be generated during the course of a movement. milon machines can be adjusted in one-kilogram increments exactly to the actual performance level of the user.


milon training is always based on the latest findings from the field of sports science. In collaboration with the German Sport University Cologne, we developed milon Intensity Training (MIT), which precisely regulates heart rate-controlled milon equipment to maintain short, high-load intervals within the ideal healthy training range.


Did you know that, on average, most milon machines are made of 350 to 450 individual parts? Complex masterpieces whose fabrication demands both high-tech expertise and highly skilled labor.
That’s why our factory in Emersacker near Augsburg, Germany maintains the highest standards of quality and occupational health and safety. Our production operations are certified according to the worldwide quality standard ISO 9001. This ensures transparent processes, continuous improvement, and maximum product and service quality.