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With milon Q, we are revolutionizing electronically controlled endurance training. An elegant design, simple operation, completely new technologies, intuitive navigation, and fun motivation – Q meets all these requirements. The fusion of innovative technology with 45 years of experience and uncompromising Made-in-Germany quality results in training that feels totally new and fantastic.

milon Q isn’t the next step.
milon Q is a quantum leap.

Never before has digital training been so intelligent: Together with the milon CARE training control software, milon Q represents a sophisticated Connected Training System module. This pioneering combination of intelligent hardware and software enables you to reap the full benefit of CTS, strengthen your position in the market, and keep your clients coming back for more.

More about milon training

Whether it’s eccentric, concentric, or isokinetic training for beginners, individuals who are returning to training, pros, or patients undergoing rehabilitation. From losing weight, to building muscle, to reducing pain – milon offers simple, safe, and effective training for everyone, perfectly tailored to their individual objectives. Due to the expanded flexibility offered by the latest machines, facility owners now have the option to choose individual combinations consisting of an extended Q strength circuit or an additional Q strength and endurance circuit.

Plus, milon also offers tried-and-tested standard configurations based on findings from the field of training science. Like the entire Q series, the new machines stand for the best in intelligent and digitally networked training, together with ultimate “Made in Germany” engineering and craftsmanship. For studio operators, milon’s digital fitness systems offer individual opportunities and incredible potential when it comes to attracting new members with training options they’ll love and retaining existing customers with the best training results and high-quality support.

milon Q and premium series with MPG certificate

The milon strength-endurance circuit is available as new devices. If you are interested, please contact your sales person directly.


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  • device settings

    device settings

    Thanks to the practical user recognition feature, the smart, high-tech equipment adjusts automatically and within seconds to the user’s size, training motive, and related needs

  • user guidance

    user guidance

    A pendulum on the machine’s display adapts to the user’s training movements in real time. This feature immediately informs the user whether they are performing the movement correctly to prevent incorrect use

  • training with a smile

    training with a smile

    The gamification elements on the display encourage users’ instinct to play and make training more fun – which has a motivating and inspiring effect

  • up-to-date


    The training circuit was designed in keeping with the latest findings from the field of sports science

  •  Training regimes & training goals

    Training regimes & training goals

    With milon circuit training, you can achieve any goal in a focused way. Whether it’s building muscle, losing weight, toning your body (to improve your posture and endurance), or enhancing your overall physical strength


Sound interesting?

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    • State of the art: German flair for engineering. Lightweight equipment thanks to laser welding technology
      EMG optimized training position for optimal muscle activation. Activation enhanced by up to 34% for a better training result
      Durable engine-gearbox unit meets highest
      EU energy efficiency class standard
      Login via RFID bracelet (NFC-ready)
      CE approved and TÜV certified
      Easy-care, durable housing
    • All of the member’s key details can be seen at a glance on the display
      Training is controlled and evaluated by milon CARE and milon ME software
      Compatible with milonizer (seat position and ROM are preset)
      Saves up to 25% more time/member for trainers when providing equipment instructions thanks to minimized amount of explaining required and intuitive operation
      Automatic software updates are regularly installed on the machines
      Option of remote maintenance by milon service team
      Patented training visualization. The innovative pendulum movement shows the user sequence of movement and provides live feedback during training
      Isokinetic force measurement to determine the individual training resistance
      User-friendly 5-point, multitouch display similar to tablet
      Users can adjust training display to their favorite color
  • Training:

    • Intelligent training types: Standard, eccentric, adaptive, and isokinetic
      Easy-access display and highly visible pivot points make it easier for trainers to set up the machine


    • Safe training position
      Display in user’s field of view
      Easy entry and exit
      Non-slip, durable handles that are adapted to the natural hand position
      Fixation and lever pad rollers

strength-endurance-circuitas pre-ownedNew equipment / pre-ownedas new equipment
strength-circuitas pre-ownedNew equipment / pre-ownedas new equipment
cardio-circuitas pre-ownedNew equipment / pre-ownedas new equipment
Certified according to the MPG (Medical Devices Act)yesyesno
milonizer compatibleyesyesyes
CARE compatibleyesyesyes
Networking strength with CTS✅✅✅✅✅✅
Networking connectionLANLANLAN/WIFI
Circuit arrangement according to Peripheral Heart Action Training (PHAT)yesyesyes
Equipment can be used on open training spaceyesyesyes
displaymonochrome display7.0 inch color display10.1 inch multitouch color display / automatic brightness adjustment / screensaver / powersaver
Training presentation with gamification (“catch the ball”)nonoyes
Flowing turning point between eccentric and concentric phases of motionnonoyes
Feedback function for the usernonoyes
Regime-based trainingnosemiautomaticfully automatic
Training types:
Compatibility with heart rate sensorsnoyesyes
strength testnoyesyes
Log in via chip cardyesnoyes
Log in via RFID-Chipnoyesyes


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